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duotone continues its creative collaboration with Oreo and The Martin Agency in this sugary pop gem for the brand’s new Play With Oreo campaign.

Creative Director David Muhlenfeld worked with duotone’s Aaron Mirman to craft a track for French band Yelle, which recently partnered with super-producer Dr. Luke on their latest album.

The spot has gone global in a way few spots do; the lyrics were translated, adapted, and sung by local artists in over a dozen different territories, with languages ranging from Spanish (featuring the band Belanova), to German, to Indonesian, to Bulgarian, and even to Mandarin!


NYU Langone is an institution, known for providing state of the art medical care to New Yorkers when they need it the most.  That’s why duotone was honored when Munn Rabot’s Peter Rabot asked us to be their music partners on a set of brand spots for the medical center, filmed and produced entirely in NYC.

duotone provided a rousing original rock score for the inspiring and quintessentially New York “Melting Pot” spot, as well as supervision of Free’s “All Right Now” for the two “Everyday Athletes” ads. duotone being a New York institution of it’s own, we can’t help but think it was a match made in SoHo…


The enthralling new Dick’s Sporting Goods spot through Anomaly features America’s amateur athletes preparing and ramping up to their moments of distinction. The spot draws on duotone’s original music from the wildly successful “Sports Matters” campaign, re-arranged and re-scored to match the stunning visuals of the ad.

Ad Age featured it as one of their highlighted spots of 2015. Needless to say, we agree.


Props to duotone’s very own Giovonni Lobato, who just finished mixing this incredible debut LP by Kansas-bred, NYC-based singer-songwriter Katie Buchanan. Katie describes her sound as “subtle guitar pop steeped in Americana and heartbreak”.

Mixed at duotone audio group’s SoHo facility, we can’t help but think that Gio’s keen ear had a lot to do with the sonic success of this album. Take a listen on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud, or buy the CD on her Bandcamp page.


Peter Nashel and collaborator Eric Hachikian crafted an original score for Netflix’s largest production to date, an epic 10-part miniseries based on the adventures of young Marco Polo in Kublai Khan’s court. The music is a seamless blend of East and West, infusing traditional Silk Road instrumentation with an contemporary cinematic score.

Check out the trailer below, which includes a killer track by Dirty South.

The series is streaming in its entirety on Netflix, and the second season is currently under production.


duotone audio group is a music boutique with studios in new york and santa monica. composer-producers peter nashel and jack livesey formed duotone’s original creative foundation. it has since evolved into a collective of highly skilled, award-winning talent, now led by ep david leinheardt. duotone’s work spans global advertising campaigns, feature and documentary films, network and cable television, as well as artist-brand collaborations. duotone has garnered Emmy, CLIO, ADC, D&AD, LIA, Telly, and Cannes Lions awards.

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