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duotone wrote some swinging music for the latest Ogilvy created Amex campaign. The spot featuring Bossypants herself, Tina Fey, on a hilarious quest for personal fitness.

Today’s the day!


duotone teamed up with Anomaly to score these new spots for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Focusing on the hardworking but often un-noticed working athletes that make up the bulk of team USA, these spots highlight the challenges faced by working class Olympians, and their hopeful determination.  DSG invests in these athletes by providing them with jobs and helping with expenses in the crucial year before the Olympics, when holding down a full time job is nearly impossible.

Inspired by these athletes and their quiet resolve, we created a subtly building score that helps drive the film and calls attention to their humble heroics.

Thanks to Anomaly for their partnership, and to all of the hardworking athletes that make up team USA.


duotone collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy for a star studded spot for the new (and techgasm inducing) Samsung Galaxy S7.  The hilarious spot features celebrity cameos from Lil’ Wayne, Doc Rivers, James Harden, and William H. Macy.

We created a mischievous and cinematic modern score that plays into the champagne-pouring, no-look 3-pointer-shooting, voyeuristic madness of the spot. The commercial premiered on the Oscars 2016.


duotone continues our amazing partnership with The Martin Agency in creating the poppiest, dopest, most Wonderfilled music for the latest in a string of deliciously tasty Oreo campaigns.

Featuring the vocal acrobatics of the inspiring and indomitable Adam Lambert, this duotone production features a bombastic track that draws equally from modern dance pop and 80s new wave.  Paired with stunning roller rink visuals provided by Buck, this track is a sweet tooth tune that could fit just as easily on Top 40 radio.

Adam is a sweetheart, Team TMA rocks…  here’s to the next one!


duotone audio post is having a strong start here at 200 Varick St., with tons of great spots for incredible brands and agencies.

Here’s a flashy new :60 for Under Armour, which was final mixed and sound designed here at DAP by Andy Green, and features NBA superstar/sharpshooter Steph Curry.

To see more, head over to: http://duotoneaudiopost.com


duotone audio group is a music boutique with studios in new york and santa monica. composer-producers peter nashel and jack livesey formed duotone’s original creative foundation. it has since evolved into a collective of highly skilled, award-winning talent now led by managing director david leinheardt and executive producer ross hopman.

duotone’s work spans global advertising campaigns, feature and documentary films, network and cable television, as well as artist-brand collaborations. duotone has garnered Emmy, CLIO, ADC, D&AD, LIA, Telly and Cannes Lions awards.

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