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There are few things bigger than the World Cup. The unity and emotion surrounding the competition are both tangible and infectious in even the remotest corners of the earth. These Budweiser films capture the fanfare, dedication and pride felt by both fans and players alike.

Bud and Anomaly turned to duotone for an original score that would speak to the intensity of this year’s competition in their global, two-part “Rise As One” campaign. To that end, we drew inspiration from a wide range of musical traditions, and cast it all in an epic cinematic setting.

Stay tuned for Act 2…


Sports matter. So does advertising with purpose.

duotone is delighted to have composed original music for the Dick’s Sporting Good’s “Sports Matter” campaign for our buds at Anomaly.

The campaign offers high school teams a way to crowdfund their squads with donation-matching by DSG as part of an effort to address budget cuts facing sports programs around the country. (Check-out www.sportsmatter.com)

The documentary-style spots, directed by Mercadantes and edited by Union Editorial, follow three high school athletes through the trials and tribulations of their young lives, highlighting how sports and teamwork enable them to face life’s challenges both on and off the field.

The orchestral scores trace the arcs of each of their experiences, ranging from minimal to driving to heartfelt.


Grammy alert — duotone’s new spot for Oreo premiered on the 2014 Grammys on CBS!

duotone linked up with The Martin Agency and creative director David Muhlenfeld to create the soundtrack for a spot celebrating the debut of two new Oreo flavors. Based on Oreo’s tried and true formula of pairing fantastic musicians with the earworm “Wonderfilled” melody, duotone produced a sugary synth track for indie pop darlings Tegan and Sara (their first ever commercial).

The spot received its online premiere on the USA Today website, and has garnered accolades from Billboard and Stereogum, who say that Tegan and Sara have “…recorded a full-on old-school commercial jingle — one that, against odds, would probably fit just fine on their very good 2013 album Heartthrob.”


Having racked-up over 6mm YouTube hits in just 10 days, Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’, music supervised by duotone, has been the topic of many conversations on the interwebs..Most recently Adweek (in their 3rd piece of coverage on the animated short film) turned to Jesse Coulter, co-chief creative officer of CAA Marketing, and creative director Todd Hunter to contribute their thoughts on ‘The Scarecrow’, Chipotle, and ‘Pure Imagination’.

Coulter tells Adweek:

“We looked at hundreds and hundreds of songs. Once we heard Pure Imagination, one of those songs we hadn’t thought about till duotone brought it to our attention—we hired them to be our music supervisor, as we did last [time], for Back to the Start—once they found that track it’s like oh, my god, this is hiding in plain sight.”

If you aren’t among the 6 + million to view ‘The Scarecrow’, check it out below and download the app!

Chipotle Scarecrow 031914

duotone audio group is a music boutique with studios in new york and santa monica. composer-producers peter nashel and jack livesey formed duotone’s original creative foundation. it has since evolved into a collective of highly skilled, award-winning talent, now led by ep david leinheardt. duotone’s work spans global advertising campaigns, feature and documentary films, network and cable television, as well as artist-brand collaborations. duotone has garnered Emmy, CLIO, ADC, D&AD, LIA, Telly, and Cannes Lions awards.

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