Epic Day

For this Epic project, duotone began by supervising a creative search with the Hyundai team at Innocean for just the right artist for this 2013 Super Bowl spot helmed by comedic director Jody Hill.

Upon getting the Lips on-board with the concept of composing an original song for the campaign as well as performing it on-camera (a first for the band in a commercial), duotone EP David Leinheardt brokered a complex deal between Hyundai, Warner Bros Records, BMG Chrysalis Publishing, and the band directly to secure all rights, including a free download of the track on Hyundai's website.

With deal in place, duotone began working directly with the legendary psych-rockers, bouncing the track back-and-forth amongst duotone HQ in Tribeca, Lips HQ in Oklahoma City, and long-time Lips' collaborator Dave Fridmann's Tar Box Studios in Fredonia, NY, until the track had taken on just the right amount of punk-rock.

Supervision continued on-set in Pasadena, CA, where the Lips were the consummate pros (arriving 30-minutes early for their 6:00a call time) as well as the most endearing of gentlemen rockers. Pretty spiffy for a bunch of guys celebrating their 30th year as one of the singular bands in rock n roll history.

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