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After conducting an extensive search for just the right song to drive the emotional narrative of Nexus Animation's beautiful film about a conflicted farmer, duotone EP David Leinheardt secured sync rights for ""The Scientist"" (marking the first and only time to date Coldplay has licensed a song for a commercial).  Living-legend Willie Nelson then went to work in his Austin studio to create a raw and haunting cover of the song.

Two days after launch, Coldplay posted a link on their FB page with a simple: ""Great film.  Great cover.""  YouTube hits sky-rocketed, leading to the decision to broadcast the spot (in its 2:20 entirety) just one time on the Grammy Awards, which vaulted the full-length version of the song to the top of iTunes country chart. Massive media impressions ensued, and the campaign culminated in a stellar showing during awards season (CLIO Gold, LIA Grand Prix), capped with the Grand Prix for the inaugural Branded Content category at the 2012 Cannes Lions.

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