just another day with samsung and lady gaga

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Working closely with our friends at adam&eve, duotone supervised the music for this exciting new campaign from Samsung, featuring their new FlexWash washing machine. The spot captures the everyday joys of a (real life) family, and Samsung was looking for a song to highlight the quotidian love expressed in the film. We thought “Just Another Day”… Read more »

duotone squares up with hennessy and canelo alvarez

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duotone was psyched to work closely with Cycle to score this subtle yet powerful ad for Hennessy, featuring the indomitable Canelo Álvarez. The spot features a moving fingerpicked acoustic guitar, that morphs into a powerful score as we watch Canelo train intently for his next bout. The track guides the beautifully shot film, and underlines the dedication… Read more »

duotone does some redemption with donate life

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Even an asshole can save a life… And in this new Donate Life film with The Martin Agency, we learn just how easy it is for any asshole to donate their organs and do a little good. The film features a moving rearrangement of Coldplay’s “Fix You” by duotone’s own Civil Brother, and a masterful… Read more »

duotone goes to the ballpark with OW* and Chobani

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duotone teamed up once again with OW* and the incredible Eef Barzelay to create this baseball themed spot for Chobani “Flip”. The song is based around the “Love This Life” brand music we created earlier this year… but with a ballpark twist. The track borrows from “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, and features a… Read more »

Marco Polo Original Soundtrack now available!

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The original soundtrack for Netflix’s epic mini-series is now available on iTunes and all major streaming services. Featuring original scoring by Peter Nashel and Eric Hachikian, the music is a seamless blend of East and West, infusing traditional Silk Road instrumentation with an contemporary cinematic score. Stream below on Spotify, and download on iTunes. The… Read more »

duotone enters the mind of the athlete with Dick’s Sporting Goods

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The enthralling new Dick’s Sporting Goods spot through Anomaly features America’s amateur athletes preparing and ramping up to their moments of distinction. The spot draws on duotone’s original music from the wildly successful “Sports Matters” campaign, re-arranged and re-scored to match the stunning visuals of the ad. Ad Age featured it as one of their highlighted… Read more »

duotone catches World Cup frenzy with Budweiser and Anomaly

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Bud and Anomaly turned to duotone for an original score that would speak to the intensity of this year’s competition in their global, two-part “Rise As One” campaign. To that end, we drew inspiration from a wide range of musical traditions, and cast it all in an epic cinematic setting. This included recording a live hybrid… Read more »

duotone satisfies a sweet tooth with Oreo and Tegan & Sara

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Grammy alert — duotone’s new spot for Oreo premiered on the 2014 Grammys on CBS! duotone linked up with The Martin Agency and creative director David Muhlenfeld to create the soundtrack for a spot celebrating the debut of two new Oreo flavors. Based on Oreo’s tried and true formula of pairing fantastic musicians with the… Read more »